Thunder Blast

$ 79.95

Product Description: 

The Thunder Blast Baton Stun Gun Flashlight is a multifunctional stun gun, it allows you to shine the ultra bright flashlight and power the high voltage stun gun in a single-hand operation. With multiple contact points the stun baton enables you to swing, prod, and stun your way to safety. Built to last through years of use it can also withstand the daily abuse a flashlight must endure. Charging power cord is included; power up and simply strap this handy stun gun to your belt so you have it anywhere, anytime. Large and intimidating with a big bite the stun baton encompasses the volt trashing power of a stun gun while providing the daily practicality of a flashlight.


  • Length: 17.25"
  • Construction: Type III Aluminum Alloy
  • 2 Function Flashlight
  • Ultra Durable Construction
  • Texturized handle for additional grip and control
  • Features safety switch
  • High electric voltage
  • Rechargeable battery with wall charger included