Ultra 12 LED Grill Light Head

$ 99.00

Product Features:

  • Each unit consists of 12, 3W 7th Generation high intensity LEDs.
  • Built-in flasher – no external flasher needed.
  •  69+ select-able flash combinations.
  •  Last pattern memory recall.
  • Synchronization between multiple units and with other Abrams products such as Beacons, Dash Lights & Hideaways.
  •  TBT (Turn/Brake/Tail) Light Function.
  •  Versatile application with surface mounting design and internal mounting.
  • Compactly sized to fit almost anywhere on the vehicle.
  • Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting (not submersible).
  •  Built in heat sink. 
  • Dimension: 4.74” L x 1.26” H x 0.56” D

  • Input Current @ 12V/24V: 0.8A/0.4A