Shop Safety USA

Shop Safety USA has been servicing the professionals in all the industries that require quality safety equipment, apparel ,and accessories since 1988

Shop Safety USA services many industries from Oil and Gas featuring Fire Retardant Clothing, Hi-Viz Clothing, Head , Eye and Ear Protection, to Emergency Vehicle Equipment and Lighting for Law Enforcement, Construction , Security and other Commercial type applications.

Shop Safety USA has 30 years experience in  in LED emergency lighting and equipment installation.  We take no short cuts in our service. Please call and of visit our facility featuring all our LED and other emergency equipment Shop Safety USA offers to our customers.

We are dedicated to keeping our customers supplied with reasonably priced, up to date,  safety technology for their equipment and safety accessory needs.

We welcome your special requests and are happy to place your Logo on your orders.



Servicing the following industries for over 25 years:

Auto Transport Systems
Trucking Industry
Law Enforcement
Fire Protection
Security Services
Road and Building Construction
Oil and Refinery
Towing and Recovery